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Our Commitment to Smart Development

The development and operation of residential and hospitality projects in emerging destinations comes with a robust corporate responsibility to ensure that Ubunifu are participating in their duty to actively position the Global Economy on a more sustainable path for the future. 

Ubunifu create Projects built around a doctrine of core values that underpin the Promoter’s firm commitment to long-term environmental & social sustainability.

We have devised our own Smart Growth Frameworks, practical steps and innovations that can be realistically implemented in the areas where we operate, for the benefit of the environments and communities in which we work. These are based on our experience of living, working and operating in East Africa, and are recommended to all clients with whom we work, rigorously implemented and upheld in our own in-house Development Projects.

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Ubunifu firmly believe that a destination must benefit, rather than suffer, from being visited. 

Our extensive experience of operating and developing in remote, sometimes fragile, environments have taught us how tourism can be a driver of change if correctly handled. 


Tourism is about exploration, not exploitation, and Ubunifu have

set benchmarks for sustainable luxury tourism development in emerging destinations, whilst  ensuring that the lives of community partners and staff, as well as the guest experience are elevated also.

It is to our surroundings that Ubunifu developments pays homage, rather than to the places that the guests leave left, honouring the delicate management of people and planet, stimulating economic, social and environmental benefits by showcasing green design, industry-leading resource controls  and waste management.


Zanzibar People

The principal pillar of Commitment is to the people who work alongside Ubunifu to realize our Projects.

Hospitality in the 21st Century comes with a duty of people care, not just to our guests, but to our staff, to our suppliers, to the communities amongst whom we live and work.

Ubunifu have been working in Zanzibar for 20 years, and understand the challenges that communities face, the mistakes that CSR programmes make when addressing them.

Our Ubinadamu (Humanity in KiSwahili) program invests in those groups with whom we partner, the people who make the business what it is, promoting training, SME mentoring, and community uplift, nurturing social capital for our future.

We prioritize at all times:

» Community Equity

» Prioritise Local Sourcing

» Staff Welfare

» Training & Capacity-Building


White boardroom

Ubunifu seek to promote and exercise ethical governance at all times, balancing the interests of a company’s stakeholders—including management, employees, suppliers, customers, and the community—with the need to deliver value to its shareholders/owners and clients.

We believe that an active, governance program is absolutely critical to the ongoing financial health, growth, and success of an enterprise over time, our duty to exercise leadership of integrity and compliance. 

Our ethical code seeks to promote diversity, legitimacy, equity and effective control, underpinned by transparency, independence and effective control.

Ubunifu seek meaningful engagement with all stakeholder groups - including clients, employees, suppliers, public sector agencies and the wider community partners, fostering effective stakeholder relationships in order to align them with the Company's purpose.

Ubunifu Property Developers Zanzibar
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