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The Most Exotic Destination on Earth?

Zanzibar: Welcome


Cosmopolitan in culture, a place of history and abundant natural riches, Zanzibar has captivated travellers and explorers for centuries, drawn by its mystique and charm.

In recent years, Zanzibar has become a rising tourism star amongst African destinations, its palm-fringed beaches, sapphire seas and welcoming people proving an irresistible lure to visitors seeking an authentic family-friendly, competitively-priced holiday of eternal sunshine and warm smiles.

Steeped in legend and mystery, a must-see on the wish-list of any dedicated traveller, Zanzibar is a short plane hop from the coast of East Africa, home to the game-rich safari-lands of Kenya and Tanzania.

When twinned with a safari, the beguiling mix of African wildlife, rich history and peerless, untouched beaches makes for a unique travel experience, without comparison across the world.

Zanzibar: About
Zanzibar: About

Why Zanzibar?

A verdant Tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar features on most traveler’s wish lists, the embodiment of exoticism and adventure.

What is driving the recent tourism boom?

  • Impressive Airlift, connecting the island to major global hubs, hundreds of cities one transfer away.

  • Numerous flights daily from Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Kampala and Johannesburg drive weekend stays regionally.

  • New International Airport Terminal opened in October 2020, boosting handling capacity,

  • Proximity to world-famous safarilands of Tanzania (Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro) offer unique Bush’n’Beach, Twin Stay holiday options.

  • Time zone of GMT+2 makes intercontinental travel from key markets comfortable, minimal jetlag.

  • Tropical climate, equatorial sunshine: no extremes of heat, rain or wind.

  • No vaccinations required for entry, very low Covid incidence in 2020.

Arrivals Growth

Y-O-Y Tourist Arrivals growth of 28%;
CAGR of 17% over last 5 years; Seasonality levelled out in for steady year-round arrivals

Strong Growth

Annual, scheduled airlift growth from Southern Eastern Africa, GCC, Europe, Far East;
new airport terminal Sept 2021;
new schedules announced ex-Europe

 Hospitality Gaps

Majority budget accommodation;
very limited luxury supply; upmarket sector mainly owner-operated boutique;

Demand regularly outstrips supply in high seasons. 


Government-backed programmes;

Taxes & Duties Incentives;
Corporate Tax Exemptions;

100% Foreign Ownership;

Repatriation of Profits;

Ubunifu Property Developers Zanzibar
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