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About Ubunifu

Ubunifu are a collective of like-minded professionals, committed to creating long-term sustainable value for all the stakeholder groups amongst whom we work. 


We prefer to work with clients who share our beliefs in sustainable development as a catalyst for a better future, that environmental, social and economic impacts are as equally important as financial returns, if not more so.


Innovation and design can be harnessed to make hotels and residences visually appealing, resource efficient and market friendly, our input capable of adding value that far exceeds the costs of our involvement. Doing good is good business for every one, in every way. 

Our globally-earned, locally-focused expertise allows us to partner cooperatively and effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including financial institutions, landowners, Government and varied industry professionals to identify opportunities, secure permissions and develop peerless properties across all asset classes. 

Ubunifu work either as principal developer, where we lead a project from start to finish, from land sourcing and acquisition, securing planning, undertaking design & build, through to sales & marketing, operator choices and asset management.

Alternatively, we provide strategic advisory support in specialist roles and departments of a development, whether advisory on financial planning, feasibility studies and market plans, through design & build management to procurement, sales, marketing and operational support. 


By leveraging these relationships into outcomes greater than the sum of their parts, and developing thoughtful engagement with our clients, we are capable of delivering innovative and meaningful hospitality and residential product for the extraordinary land assets of Tanzania and Zanzibar.  

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